How does Schoon™ work?  

After plunging your clogged toilet, simply use the spray wand to spray the disinfectant over the top  and underneath of the plunger cup. You can also use the Schoon™ to spray and disinfect your surrounding bathroom fixtures.  


What is special about Schoon™?  

It is a unique solution to disinfecting your plunger immediately after use. There is nothing like it on the market. 


Is Schoon™ easy to lift and move?  

Yes, it is! The Schoon™ with a full tank of disinfectant weighs less than 5 pounds! Not only that, the plunger sits snug in the base so you can easily lift it by the plunger handle to transport.


What are the dimensions of Schoon™?  

The dimensions of Schoon are 22”x12”x8”. The plunger stands at 22” tall, the length of the base is 12”, and the width across is 8”.


Do I need an electrical outlet for Schoon™?

No the Schoon™ spray wand is powered by batteries.


Are batteries included?

Yes, batteries are included.


What kind of disinfectant can I use?

You can fill the Schoon™ bottle with your favorite disinfectant.